Home Page Usability

I first started my 5-second-test with the blog THE HEAVY MENTAL

it’s beautifully organized. categories on top, cool interactive header, information at the bottom. no search box, but it engages the user to flip through the pages to see what they have to offer. neat and tidy.

A successful homepage would be VICE, my only complaint is that it’s sort of cluttered with the advertisements. everything is organized, and lets the user explore content that they might have normally ignored.

Another being THE ATLANTIC. Everything is organized at the top, when you skim over a category, it shows recent articles that you can jump right into. I don’t really like that it has TONS of content on the homepage, I guess that’s the age we live in, though. If it’s a reliable news source, they need to show they have the most content to immerse yourself in…even from the home page.

Some unsuccessful sites would be:

Surprise. It’s MySpace. At first glance, you go to the site and what do you think? No seriously…I want to know what you think, because I have no idea what this site is. A blend of music, celebrity-TMZ’ing, social network? It turns me off and makes me want to go somewhere else. It could use a lot more direction as to where you can go, and what the site’s meant to be used as.

Zinc Bistro. It already starts off bad with annoying music, the header looks clickable, but it’s just a picture. it took me a while to figure out that the eggs in the middle were the navigation yolks…they need to add the navigation to the top, lose the eggs, because this design is just rotten.


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