Monthly Archives: January 2012

Check it out here!

Hey there, it’s Morgan again for another awesome monthly post. This assignment was about pursuing my real passion in web design, take initiative and learn something I wanna learn!

So lately I’ve been working on rather minimal websites (3 page max), that get down to the point, look great and get the job done. I’m wanting to learn to utilize CSS3 more than anything else, so I went looking for tutorials I would be interested in.

I came across a great contact form on net tuts plus

i followed every step with the coding and added my own “personal touch” to the envelope.

This personally blew my mind as to how powerful yet humble CSS3 is, and the tutorial was really helpful with explaining what each part of the code related to on the form. I am a very visual kind of guy,  so the pictures were great as well.

Now go out there and try it yourself! I truly feel like I am learning something new every day 🙂

For now,